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Famous Vermonters

Originally posted on CESU Great Sites for Kids

Websites that have information about Famous Vermonters

image of President Calvin Coolidge

Picture Credit: www.whitehouse.org



Lists of Famous Vermonters with very basic information.

Vermont Firsts

Famous Vermonters


Business Guide: Famous Vermonters Part I

Business Guide: Famous Vermonters Part II


Information about Famous Vermonters

Vermonters Famous for Geography and History in the 1800's and 1900's


Virtual Vermont: People


Information About Specific Vermonters

Ethan and Fanny Allen

Calvin Coolidge

George Aiken

Ann Story

Snowflake Bentley

John Deere

Other sites with information about Vermont and Vermonters


Vermont Secretary of State's Kids Home Page


Freedom and Unity: Online Tour Based on the Vermont Historical Museum