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Fourth Grade Study of Vermont

Originally from the CESU Great Sites for Kids website

Fourth Grade Study of Vermont



Vermont Secretary of State's Kids' Page

A part of the Vermont Secretary of State's web site, this page has links to pages about Vermont, about the Vermont State Government and activity pages for kids.

Vermont Historical Society

Many resources about Vermont created especially for kids. Includes pictures, maps and activities.

Online Vermont Geography Textbook

Created by the Vermont Geographic Alliance, "a group of K-12 teachers, college and university faculty, and interested citizens," this site has links to a broad array of topics about Vermont. There are two sections of links, one with links to information about Vermont Physical Geography and another with links to information about Vermont Cultural Geography. Look on the left under "Fast Links," scroll down and click on the link for

"Online Vermont Geography Textbook." You will find lots of great links!

South Burlington Orchard School Fourth Grade Links

Maintained by Orchard School Library Media Specialist, Donna Macdonald, this page has links to several sites about Vermont History and Geography.

Quick Facts Vermont (Ben's Guide)

Lists the basic facts about Vermont with links to email the state congressman and senators. Also links by grade level to other government web sites specifically for kids.

Mount Independence


Vermont History Links





Rokeby Museum


Flood of 1927



The Charlotte Whale

Did you know that the skeleton of a whale was found in Vermont? Read about the "

Charlotte Whale," how it was found and why it was in Vermont!

Enchanted Learning Vermont Site

Find information about all of the states as well as Vermont by visiting Enchanted Learning (USA, States)

Ethan Allen Homestead

Learn about Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys

as well as the two Fanny Allens.

Vermont Timeline

Compare what was happening in Vermont with what was happening in the United States from 1820 through 1850.

The Richmond Virtual Museum

Created in partnership between the Richmond Historical Society and Richmond Elementary School Students

Vermont Landscape Change Program

The Vermont Landscape Change Program has photos collected from historical societies all over the state. See pictures of the Flood of 1927, landslides, rivers and other landscape changes. Search for photos from your own town.

Snowflake Bentley

Learn about Wilson A. Bentley, "The Snowflake Man" who lived in Jericho and photographed snowflakes.

Vermont critters

Learn about Vermont animals

Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Website that has a lot of information about our Vermont wildlife.

Vermont Museums


Ethan Allen


Vermont Tourism

Recreation, Arts and Culture (festivals), Farms, Nature, Products (businesses)


Vermont Living