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Hello Community Partners,

Please see attached flier on Everybody Eats program hosted by the Holy Rosary Church in Richmond, VT. Participation in the program helps support local restaurants and farmers. No need is too small. A link for individuals and/or families to register is below.

Please share widely.  

Google Form Request for Meals: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdITAQ3s6cvWLDIgk1Eh7dmTQyLFOxWzHS5UrBeKqUXF8Cj5Q/viewform


Justin Graham (he/him/his)

Program Manager, RiseVT

Local Coordinator, UVMMC Community Health Improvement

Office: 802.847.5547

Mobile: 906.364.6875


Farmers to Families Food Boxes Available

These boxes are free and will be distributed to anyone who needs food.⁠

Contents (this is the standard, sometimes it varies a little based on availability).⁠
1 lb butter⁠
1 lb sour cream⁠
1 lb cottage cheese⁠
2 lbs cheese⁠
1 gal milk⁠
5 lbs potatoes⁠
3 lbs apples⁠
2 onions⁠
3 lbs oranges or stone fruit⁠
4.5 lbs fully cooked meat⁠
2 lbs liquid eggs⁠

We will be handing these out at our Wednesday school meal pick up locations on October 28⁠

MMU & BRMS 11am until 1pm⁠
CHMS, RES, SMS 12:45pm until 2:30pm⁠
JES 11:30am to 1:30PM⁠
BPMS 3pm to 5pm⁠

These are first come first serve and available until we run out.⁠

Questions: Contact Dave Horner, david.horner@mmuusd.org