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**RES Used Book Sale**

USED Book Sale - December 3rd!!

Each year, the students of RES have enjoyed our RES Used Book Sale during the first week of December!  Families throughout our community, at all grade levels, have been invited to look through their book collections at home and donate gently used children’s books to the sale.  Then, RES kids have brought their coins to our sale and have purchased books, new to them, for a quarter each. 

Money raised at this sale has always been given to a cause that supports the children and families in our Richmond Community. 

This year we WILL be holding our sale, and kids will once again be able to buy books to enjoy!  We'll start collecting children's used book donations on November 8th!

The sale will be on December 3rd! We can't wait! Kids will be celebrating a love of reading!  We’re very excited to have our sale once again!